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HERO Class: Help Everyone Respect Others


Kids are in crisis. Bullying, anxiety, depression, and suicide are at an all time high. E3 Sports Facility wants to help with our HERO classes: Help Everyone Respect Others. Bullying: Verbal To kids, it feels like they are being torn up inside. It hurts physically and emotionally. Bullying lowers self-esteem and confidence, they’re scared of judgment and […]

The Kolbe™ Y Index

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What in the world is CONATION? Experts have been researching and publishing reports about the mind for ages. Psychologists, therapists, and even teachers and school personnel have been dropping terms like “affective” and “cognitive” since your first parent/teacher conference. Here’s your chance to spring one on them. Conation is the action you take based on […]

Friends of E3 Sports Facility

Derek Ruffin and Mindy Ashby have been consulting with E3 Sports Facility since the planning stages. Our mission is to provide free jiu-jitsu memberships to kids who have experienced bullying, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Jiu-jitsu saved our daughter Claire’s life by building her confidence and self-esteem, helping her to grow stronger, improved thought […]

Help Your Child Be Happier and More Successful In School with Kolbe Y

kolbe y kids

Kids have a lot on their plates these days. In addition to learning and extra-curricular activities, children are facing mental health challenges brought on by a myriad of circumstances. Bullying, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts plague children as young as 8. Social skills are being preached, but not taught. “Media affected” and “media damaged” are […]

The Effects of Bullying on 7 Mental Health Issues

There is a lot of pressure in school to get great grades to make your parents proud. In addition, there’s the influx of hormones, wanting to feel confident in your own body, and trying to fit in with everyone else. Bullying ruins any chance of that happening. Insecurity: Bullying tears down your self-esteem, leaving you […]

Kronos Night with Leonardo Peçanha

E3 Sports Facility Hosts First Kronos KC Night! E3 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu affiliate Professor Leonardo Peçanha will be teaching a class Friday, November 9, 2018, in Overland Park, Kansas at E3 Sports Facility. Join us for an early evening on the mats with a three-time World Champion and 4th-degree black belt. The class will be from 6:00 […]

Halloween, Kids, and Self-Defense

This Halloween, dress up like a super ninja and have fun in our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class! Martial arts and kids go together like Halloween night and candy! They’re a fun mix and kids love it. It’s a little scary at the time, but when you face your fears you find the confidence to overcome. Jiu-jitsu […]

Fox 4 KC News: E3 DOJ SMSD

US attorneys want to speak with Shawnee Mission parents about sexual harassment problems After years of harassment and bullying at school, someone is finally listening to what Claire Tietgen has to say.