Board of Directors

  • Charles Tietgen

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Founder

  • Ramon G. Corrales, Ph.D.

    Integral Mastery Center, Inc. | CEO, Founder | Originator of The Wisdom Code for Living & Leading On Purpose

  • Shane Rudman

    Primerica Financial Services | Founder Animal Justice League of America | Motivational Speaker

  • Jessica Collins

    BNSF Railway | Senior Analyst | Finance

  • Stacey Lynae Jemison

    Raytown Quality Schools | Special Education Teacher

Meet the Team

These are the people who are working hard every day to bring the vision to life. Their passion for children and belief in our core values are what keeps them motivated.

  • Claire Tietgen

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Bullied But Not Broken | Youth CEO

    Claire is the reason E3SF and BBNB exist. Claire’s passion is sports and helping kids figure out their “Kolbe” way of doing things.

  • Denise Tietgen

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Executive Director

    Denise is a busy mom of three: Charlie, Claire, and Abby. Her passions include design, writing, family, and travel. Denise has studied Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and has a heart for children with “hidden” disabilities. You can contact her here:

  • Patrick Whitney

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Bullied But Not Broken | Director: Multimedia

    Patrick makes all of the Bullied But Not Broken videos.

  • Quali Johnson

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Image & Wellness Consultant

  • Charlie Tietgen

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Program Coordinator

    Charlie is the older brother of Claire Tietgen. He has firsthand experience with the Kolbe assessments. Contact Charlie at

  • Abby Tietgen

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Bullied But Not Broken | Youth Consultant

    Abby is the youngest of the Tietgen children. Abby has a passion for animals and makeup. She is Claire’s personal style consultant and wants to help children with finding a place to shine in school and out.

  • Rebecca Schultz

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Director Education Partnerships

    Rebecca is a high school world geography teacher.

  • John Metcalfe

    E3 Scholarship Fund | Director/Designer Motion Graphics

    John Metcalfe graduated from the Vancouver Film School. John donated his time and talents making Ciara‘s Story interview with Mike and Kim Gage. John’s goal is to be a part of the UFC video team someday.