Bullied But Not Broken

As our nation regularly sees cases of bullying, at E3 we are saying enough! Our goal is to empower children who have been bullied to overcome their struggles and find their “thing.” Not sure what their thing is? Not a problem. We’ll help you discover your passion!

  • 1,200,000Annual High School Dropouts
  • 64%Of Bullying Goes Unreported
  • 500,000Yearly Suicide Attempts
  • 5,300Yearly Youth Suicides
  • 2ndLeading Cause of Death

It’s Time For A Change! How Can We Help?

  • Claire’s
    Learn more about Claire, the bullied 13-year-old who started it all. On the brink of suicide, she dug deep and found her passion for MMA and began receiving the positive feedback that she needed in her life. She focused on the positive, and not the negative from her bullies! She now empowers other kids throughout the nation to find help and find hope.
  • Suicide
    If you are thinking of committing suicide, call 1-800-273-TALK. Find an alternative, find help. E3 is committed to bringing attention to suicide awareness and helping kids across the country know that there are other options to get the pain to stop.
  • Educational
    Each child learns differently and does not always fit in the traditional learning style of public schools. Learning the natural strengths of the child will help them learn more effectively and reduce stress. It also provides tools for the educators to help the children learn based on their learning styles.
  • Please Donate

    Without donations, the E3 Scholarship Fund would not be able to continue to reach children who are victims of bullying, suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem. Please help us continue our mission to empower these children. Letting them know they may be bullied, but they are not broken! Donate
  • Claire’s Bullied But Not Broken Channel on YouTube

    Bullied But Not Broken YouTube Channel

    In the News

    The mission at Bullied But Not Broken is one of empowerment. News stations and media outlets throughout the country have shared our story. Check out our In The News page to see stories from these sources: