Our Partnership With Animal Justice League of America

  • Who is Animal Justice League of America (AJLA)? They are a grassroots movement that has come together to create REAL results for animal abuse across the nation. With their focus on accountability and justice, their mission is to see a world where animal abuse will no longer exist. They hope that with REAL accountability and punishment, people will stop animal abuse altogether.Founded by Shane Rudman, a member of the E3 Board, AJLA has grown exponentially since their launch in May 2018. Their dedication and focus to giving a voice to the voiceless has made them a trusted name for animal advocates around the nation.

How E3 and AJLA are Linked Together

There have been multiple studies that show animal abusers tend to go on and commit more violent offenses, including bullying and abuse towards peers, their children, and their spouses. Our goal at Bullied But Not Broken is to break the cycle of abuse and neglect. By joining with an animal advocacy mission like AJLA, we can help these potential bullies get back on the right track, before becoming a more violent person.


  • Chronic physical aggression towards animals in elementary school children increases the likelihood that they will continue to commit physical violence, including violence towards other children.
  • Bullies are more likely than non-bullies to witness violence in their homes, including animal abuse.
  • A child who abuses animals may be acting out against bullying and violence in their own home. Professional attention and intervention is needed to assess the abusive situation.
  • Many bullies continue on with violent behavior, including domestic abuse and child abuse. 6 out of 10 of them go on to become criminals.
  • 40-60% of children are bullied at some point in their lives
  • 75% of school shooters were either bullies or the victims of bullies. Half of them were known to abuse and torture animals and brag about it.