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Please Help Make SMSD Safer For Our Children!

The Department of Justice, Civil Division, has reports that the Shawnee Mission School District is not operating within Title IX laws, and in some cases are not even following their own guidelines when it comes to investigating and reporting sexual assault and sexual harassment. E3 is going to help ensure that our children in the Shawnee Mission School District receive the best possible education in the safest environment by helping SMSD enforce Title IX in our schools. The Department of Justice will be conducting private interviews for a civil investigation into the safety practices of SMSD when it comes to sexual assault and harassment. We are going to help with transparency, documentation, and policy enforcement.

When a sexual assault or harassment report is downplayed, it gives the impression that the behavior will be condoned. This is very dangerous because the victims are marginalized and it brushes away allegations of criminal behavior.

Title IX protects students from sexual assault (unwanted sexual contact or behavior) and sexual harassment (includes sexual assault and encompasses sexual jokes/comments, looks, and even body language) in school and at school activities. Once the offense has been reported, the school must investigate the report and take action to protect its students and staff from further harm. 

The Shawnee Mission School District has the following guidelines in place to support Title IX.

Harassment: Discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity,
disability, religion, or sex in educational institutions will not be
tolerated. Such behavior is inappropriate and in violation of Board
Policy JCE. All complaints of harassment will be thoroughly
investigated and resolved in a prompt and equitable manner. All
complaints will be confidential and reported to the appropriate
authorities. Violations of this policy will be treated as serious
disciplinary infractions and may result in suspension or expulsion.

Contact us at 913.292.9997 to share your child’s testimony with the Department of Justice.
We are making private appointments for the following times:

Tuesday, October 23 6pm-9pm
Wednesday, October 24: 9am-9pm
Thursday, October 25: 9am-9pm

Please help make SMSD safer for our children!


Fox 4 KC News

Metro Teen Empowers Peers through
Sports Facility and Nonprofit

15-year old Claire Tietgen is taking her struggles with bullying and suicide, and trying to make a difference.

May 12 was a new chapter in her journey as she opens the door on her newest project.

“When I tried to take my own life I think it was an opener to eyes to people, and to my parents that we need to do something or she`s not going to be with us anymore,” Tietgen said.

In the past four years she’s come a long way.

To watch, please click the link below.

Metro teen empowers peers through sports facility and non-profit

Kansas City Star

She beat back bullies at age 12, and now she’s a businesswoman at 15


Her favorite move is the arm bar. Any chance she gets, she’ll put her opponent in one — and from there, there’s no way out.

Fifteen-year-old Claire Tietgen models the move off her favorite fighter, Ronda Rousey, and actually shares (albeit on a smaller scale) her record of eight arm-bar submissions.

She’s also a suicide survivor, and the bravest teen you’ll ever meet.

To read more and watch the video, please click the link below.

41 Action News The Now KC

Report: More middle school children died by suicide than in car accidents in 2014

14-year-old Claire Tietgen turned being bullied and feeling suicidal around by talking about it with celebrities and professional athletes.

It breaks my heart that they have to choose suicide over getting help. (more…)

FOX 4 KC News

Win for KC 2016 Children’s Mercy Youth Sports Girl Award goes to Claire Tietgen

Win for KC honored Claire with the Children’s Mercy Youth Sports Girl Award at the annual sports awards celebration. Keynote speaker Jackie Joyner-Kersee,

Olympic gold medalist, shared her story and left the crowd with this parting wisdom: “Win when you can win!”. Watch Claire’s inspiring video that received a standing ovation.

Learn about the other Win for KC 2016 award winners. See the press release. (more…)