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She beat back bullies at age 12, and now she’s a businesswoman at 15 BY SHAUN GOODWIN Her favorite move is the arm bar. Any chance she gets, she’ll put her opponent in one — and from there, there’s no way out. Fifteen-year-old Claire Tietgen models the move off her favorite fighter, Ronda Rousey, […]

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BULLIED BUT NOT BROKEN: RONDA ROUSEY BATTLES BULLYING FOR CHARITY Matt Creed, MMA Department Head at, wrote an article about Claire’s Bullied But Not Broken Interview with Ronda Rousey.

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Kansas City Star’s premier sports columnist Sam Mellinger dropped by Brass Boxing & Jiu Jitsu to visit with Claire. Sam’s story hit the weekend edition on the front page! You can read it here: A Newfound Love of Sports Helps 
12-Year Old Girl Combat Bullying

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In addition to the story on, Claire was also interviewed by Joe Rutland. This article was originally posted on The Good Men Project Sports and later was featured on the Huffington Post. Click here to read: Bullying Meets Its Match.

UFC A Fighter’s Story: Meet Claire Tietgen

The UFC invited Claire to Las Vegas for UFC 183 featuring Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz. In addition to meeting some of her favorite UFC fighters, Claire got to hang with Dana White. Dana took such good care of Claire. She felt like a VIP all weekend. (She even got a swag bag filled with […]