Kolbe Y™ Index

“Success is doing things your way!”

  • Discover Your Child’s Strengths

    E3 Scholarship Fund provides youth assessments to aid in their educational planning, placement, and to help determine the individualized learning strengths of each student. This coordination of information is instrumental for students who are struggling to make progress in school.

    Each Child is Unique

    The uniqueness of each child is not something to take for granted. By identifying the strengths of your child, we are able to identify the keys for success to help improve communication, problem-solving, and most importantly to reduce stress. Each child learns to do things in their own special way, which helps them become more creative and better problem solvers not just at school, but also at home and in life!

  • Ramon G. Corrales
    Ph.D. CEO/Founder, Integral Mastery Center (IMC) and Originator of The Wisdom Code for Living & Leading on Purpose

  • I am firmly convinced that without understanding our instincts, we—and our children—will not find our natural stride to success without much pain and wasteful dead-ends. Without truly understanding our individual unique path of high performance, parents, teachers, and leaders will continue unwittingly to impose “their way” on those they aim to help and educate. Leaders in all sectors will continue to marginalize those who have different talents—different from the ones that work for us. We call this INSTINCTIVE BIAS: our way is the way. And this comes about because we have valued the role KNOWLEDGE and MOTIVATION play in high performance but have ignorantly devalued the role INSTINCT plays in the way we achieve.
  • Our Beginning of Success

    Claire Tietgen was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. As a child, she struggled in school. She was different and did not fit within the traditional framework of public school. Although there were special needs programs in place, they didn’t take into consideration how Claire learned. They just imposed how they wanted her to learn.

    After struggling in school for years, and failing nearly every class, Claire took the Kolbe Y™ Index. She found her strengths and her parents worked with the school to make accommodations that work for Claire’s personal needs. She went from failing to making A’s and B’s!

Statistics Tell An Alarming STORY

  • College dropout rate: 57.9%>
  • 1.2 million high school students drop out per year: 7,000/day
  • Middle school dropouts are on the rise. California saw 6,400 students drop out in 2012-2013.
  • U.S. graduation rates rank 22nd out of 27 developed countries.
  • U.S. educational system is ranked 22nd in the world.

E3 & Kolbe Y

We Have The Solution to Change U.S. Schools
Kolbe Y Assessments for teachers, administrators, staff, and students to determine individual learning strengths and help children succeed in school.

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Our Pricing

At E3 Scholarship Fund we offer Kolbe assessments for children, teens, and adults. These assessments can be used to help children who are struggling in school, help them find a career path that fits their skill set, and helps their parents and teachers understand their learning strengths. We also offer assessments for adults who are looking to understand their learning strengths to make career choices that they will thrive in. Our pricing includes the Kolbe assessments and a personalized interpretation with Dr. Ramone Corrales. By harnessing your instincts, you can find your natural path to success.

  • Kolbe Y$85
  • Parent Guide$125
  • Kolbe A$160
  • Workshops$45

Kolbe workshops go into more detail about using results at school and home.

Top Corporations that Use Kolbe

Numerous corporations implement Kolbe in their day to day business operations. Here are just a few companies that use and support the use of Kolbe Learning Tests:

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