Scholarship Fund

At E3 Scholarship Fund our mission is to embrace, empower and encourage children.
We embrace children who struggle at school.

We empower these children, their parents, and their teachers by identifying their striving instincts.

We encourage them by celebrating their natural gifts and abilities, and validating their instinctive strengths.

Bullying, unfortunately, continues to be a problem in schools across the nation. We want to empower these children to know that they are perfect just the way they are. We want to support their unique talents, and help them find positive ways to express themselves.

Our scholarship fund provides resources to these children to help them find their thing! We offer free classes to bullied children at our sports facility, but if jiu-jitsu is not their thing that’s no problem at all. E3 Scholarship Fund will work with your child/teen to find what makes them happy. Maybe it’s volleyball, maybe it’s bowling, maybe it’s art or literature – no matter what it is, we will help them tap into those talents and help them thrive.

If your student has been bullied or abused at school, or if they are just struggling to keep up with the class, please reach out to us. We can help! We have resources available to help children and teens succeed.

To apply for E3 Scholarship Fund’s help, please fill out the form below: