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Want to know more about us? E3 Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization started because we saw how mental health issues affected our children and how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu helped.

Our mission is to help children who struggle at school, whether it be from bullying, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts; or because their learning styles and needs are not being correctly identified and addressed.

Our programs help develop resilience in youth and empower them to thrive! 

Our story

charlie Tietgen

We are a family of five. Mom, dad, and three children: Charlie, Claire, and Abby. Charlie, our firstborn, is incredibly smart and easy-going, however he was always bored at school. Charlie excelled in Boy Scouts, earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Knowing his natural instints would have made his life tremendously easier on everyone, especially knowing his instincts are to first research, then implement. In addition, Charlie struggled with social anxiety and found that Brazilian jiu-jitsu provided a safe place for him to find and develop new friends. 



Abby is our youngest child. Blessed as a baby by being incredibly independent and happy. Abby made friends easily and had excellent grades at school, she struggled with social anxiety and depression. Moreover Abby also began to be bullied in her social circle. Brazilian jiu-jitsu helped by giving her something to take her frustrations out on and building a sense of worth and self-confidence that no one can take away. 

Claire is a beautiful teen who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Every day Claire struggles with things that most kids take for granted. She is different. Kids at school didn’t understand her and as a result she was bullied. The bullying started in first grade and continued throughout her elementary and middle schools. 

The kids would say mean things to Claire, call her names, laugh at her, gossip about her, give her mean looks, exclude her, and yell at her. In fifth grade, Claire was punched in the face by a boy. In eighth grade Claire was bullied about her Air Jordans and ended up being attacked, knocked unconscious, and beaten in the face. 

As a result, Claire no longer wanted to go to school. Even getting out of bed was a struggle. Claire wrote in her diaries and on the walls of her closet that she wanted to die. Learn more about Claire‘s Story



Are you an official nonprofit ?

Yes. E3 Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) founded in 2015. EIN: 47-4465941

You may apply for a scholarship online at e3sf.org/apply. 

What does the nonprofit do ?

E3SF provides jiu-jitsu scholarships at E3 Sports Facility for youth and families in need.

Can I get a tax receipt for donations ?

Yes, we provide tax receipts for donations. Memberships provide a service for a fee so they are not tax deductible, but still help kids!

Where does the money go ?

Proceeds go to helping kids through our programs. Gym memberships not only benefit you, but also helps other teens, children, and families.

Online at e3sf.org/donate
In Person at E3 Sports Facility
Mail to 7010 W. 83rd St. OPKS 66204

How do you help people ?

By providing jiu-jitsu scholarships children build self-confidence and develop resilience to become better at life.

fundraisers ?

We have an annual fundraiser. In addition, we work with others to hold fundraisers for our children’s programs. 

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