Kids are in crisis.

Bullying, anxiety, depression, and suicide are at an all time high. E3 Sports Facility wants to help with our HERO Class:

Help Everyone Respect Others.




To kids, it feels like they are being torn up inside. It hurts physically and emotionally. Bullying lowers self-esteem and confidence, they’re scared of judgment and it makes them feel bad about themselves. They have increased anxiety and depression, fear, and anger. They start believing it’s true and they own it. They lose hope and it can lead to thoughts of/and self-harm.


In addition to bodily injury, physical bullying causes deep fear in children and teens and can create PTSD. This can result in your child not wanting to go to school, participate, engage, etc.

There are also short and long term effects on the bullied and the bully that include poor school performance with risks for depression and anxiety.

HERO Class at E3 Sports Facility

A twice a week, 5-week course designed by professionals on becoming resilient and standing up for yourself and others. Students will train in self-defense using jiu-jitsu and situational techniques, talk about worries and struggles at school, and discuss topics ranging from the Golden Rule and self-confidence to relevant issues such as suicide, bullying, anxiety, and depression.

Most martial arts programs teach hitting and kicking: violence against the bully. With jiu-jitsu, you learn to defend yourself and others, focus on control without hurting, and escaping dangerous situations.

What to Expect

In week one we go over reasons why kids become bullies. We will learn how bullies choose their targets and how to avoid becoming a target through proper body language. We will also practice proper responses designed to shut down bullying without escalating the situation. Here we explain to your child how they can reduce their chances of being bullied and how to recognize when they are starting to be targeted by a bully before issues escalate. We also address how not to be a bully.

In week two we talk about how to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to effectively deal with bullies based on how severe the bullying is, how often it occurs, and the proper response based on the situation without escalation. We teach children to understand what is going on inside the mind of their bully, help them learn that this person needs empathy. Their attacks are a reflection of struggles that they are facing in their own life, and not to take their words personally. We will define sexual harassment (in age-appropriate terms), respectful ways to treat others, and how to expect to be treated. Responses to verbal bullying will be introduced and practiced. If talking and telling doesn’t solve the problem, then the child needs to learn how to put an end to it.

Here the kids begin to practice the skills that they have learned in a live scenario as well as learn how to take control of a situation if it becomes physical. We use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques, taught by professional instructors, in order to empower kids abilities to control a physical altercation without punching, kicking, or otherwise injuring themselves or the bully.

Dealing with a bully that is becoming physical is an extremely scary and stressful situation. Children need to be able to think clearly and have their actions be automatic in order to keep a situation under control and to keep everyone involved safe. Here we teach how to keep a physical altercation under control without injuring our attacker by continuing our Jiu-Jitsu training.

In week five we recap all we have learned, test the new tools the kids have learned and perfect Jiu-Jitsu skills to ensure that your child is confident in their ability to protect themselves in any situation.  We will have a small graduation ceremony where the kids are presented with a Super Hero custom certification and after class, we will provide a pizza party for the kids to celebrate their completion of the HERO Class.