Inner truth project

Communication is something we do every day on every level, but sometimes topics that matter the most get left behind. The Inner Truth Project, powered by E3 Scholarship Fund, breaks these communication barriers allowing children to express their concerns without having to say a word. 

How it Works

Your child will fill out a simple form with illustrations and return it to E3. The form is sent to renowned sculptor, Hasna Sal of Glass Concepts 360, where it is turned into a glass sculpture to represent their triumphs over their concerns in a visual medium. E3 Scholarship Fund and the Kolbe Assessment Center will provide a Kolbe Y™ Index for your child to help them understand how they function on an instinctive level. E3 then holds a gallery show where some of the artwork is interpreted by acclaimed psychologist, Dr. Ramon Corrales. At the end of the event, each family gets to bring home their sculpture.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

The Inner Truth Project is a fun and purposeful activity for the workplace. Children will be sent home with the Inner Truth Project form and a code to take the Kolbe Y Index. The form is returned to E3, where it is interpreted along with their Kolbe, and a unique piece of artwork is created. 

At the event, Anti-Bully Advocate Claire Tietgen will share her bully story of resilience and hope. The children will draw their concerns on plates. They will then receive their Kolbe Y assessments, along with their artwork showing their triumphs. This is a very impactful exercise that opens lines of communication between parents and children. 

There is an option to have Kolbe scores interpreted at the Kolbe Assessment Center by appointment or at a future workshop. Kolbe Parent Guide are an optional add-on that are available. 

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© 2019 All rights reserved

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