Have Fun In Our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class!

Martial arts and kids go together like Halloween night and candy! They’re a fun mix and kids love it. It’s a little scary at the time, but when you face your fears you find the confidence to overcome. Jiu-jitsu skills can come in handy on Halloween too! If you are grabbed by a zombie or a vampire (we call them bad guys!), you will have the self-defense skills to escape from wrist locks or body grabs. Jiu-jitsu gives kids the thought processes to decide which escape or hold to use in different instances. And the moves are repeatedly practiced, so they become automatic responses. Critical thinking skills are sharpened too! You are always thinking about your next move.

Kids classes at E3 Sports Facility are a blend of warm-up drills that are specific to jiu-jitsu: break-falls, shrimps, fancy butt scoots, spider crawls, and gorilla hops to name a few. After everyone is warmed up and ready, the coach demonstrates a specific jiu-jitsu move. This is followed by partner drills where everyone gets a chance to practice what they just learned over and over, to help build it into muscle memory. After learning a new skill, the kids get a chance to roll with each other in mini-battles on the mats!

Laughter, fun, strength, skills, and friendships are built, as well as increasing cardio, learning practical self-defense tips, and having a blast rolling with other kids and our super fun coaches. Another popular class is the Kids Fun & Fitness where time is spent playing active games that get their heart rate up while they’re having a blast.  

E3 Sports Facility is a family run nonprofit that offers jiu-jitsu classes for kids, teens, and adults. In addition, E3 offers yoga classes that are perfect of all ages and fitness levels. Our Zebra pro mats are perfect for groundwork and older knees especially love them.

The best part? You can feel good getting in a great workout while your membership fees are helping pay for programs for kiddos struggling with stress, anxiety, bullying, depression, or even thoughts of suicide.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu builds confidence and self-defense skills!