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Kolbe A

What is the Kolbe A™?

The Kolbe A is the flagship product used by many corporations. For adults and teens 17 and above, the Kolbe A provides a more detailed explanation. It is so individualized that only 5% of the population has the same result.

The Kolbe Assessment Center offers Kolbe A to parents

Are you a weekend warrior?

Do Mondays bring you down? Are you ready for the weekend by Wednesday? Chances are you are not in the right job where you are free to rely on your natural talents and strengths. Constantly having to function according to someone else’s plan creates a high level of stress. You are perfectly capable of problem-solving in your own way. The Kolbe A validates YOUR WAY. When you use your instincts you are free to be the most productive version of yourself. 

College Planning

It turns out, you can get a manual for your child! The Kolbe Parent Guide gives you tips and tricks to work more effectively with your child’s natural instincts. Do you have a child who is a procrastinator? Giving them mini-deadlines to help them reach their goal works perfect, because they work best under pressure. This is one of many ways of recognizing a child’s talents that may have been looked at as a fault.

Bottom line: Want to be happier? The Kolbe Assessments measure instinctive talents. You are happier when you are doing things YOUR way. Your Kolbe Assessment gives you the ability to communicate the best way for YOU to creatively solve problems. 

The definition of success: the freedom to be yourself.

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