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Here's What to Expect:

  • Build confidence and learn to defend yourself through quick, fun, calorie killing workouts to get toned and burn fat.
  • A Super Simple shopping list to get results and still have pizza on the weekends.
  • Limited Class Size to make sure that everyone is able to get personal and direct attention.
  • Tons of support to ensure not just hitting goals, but CRUSHING THEM

Talk with Some Challenge Alumni:

Real People, real Results

Steven Lost 70 Pounds Through Jiu-Jitsu

Denise Lost 65 Pounds through Jiu-Jitsu


YES! Absolutely 100% this program is completely FREE, 0$ to join. NO contracts, NO pay later, NO hidden fees. We are doing this because we know we have a quality program and want to give people the best shot possible at at achieving their goals.

The workouts feature body weight exercises that will give you a full body workout. Specifically designed to get your metabolism fired up allowing you to continue burning fat for up to 72 hours after every session!

Our current clientele falls within the range of 20-65 with the large majority of our members being over the age of 35 years old. Nobody is “too old” to start training.

We take many precautions to protect the bodies of our clients. Mobility and strength training corrects posture and ensures proper flexibility along with our small class sizes and direct supervision by our professional training staff gives us the lowest injury rate of any Jiu-Jitsu School in KC.

Then this is the perfect way to get started with BJJ. This course was built to take a completely untrained person and lay an unshakeable foundation for them to build the rest of their fitness career off of. Our workouts are scalable to anyone of any age and fitness level.

Simple, custom, easy, and delicious. We know that what works for your neighbor or friend won’t always work for you, so we have designed a food list that delivers proven results to our members time after time. Whether they are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or tone up.

Muscle soreness is an inevitability, especially in the beginning of any exercise routine. However though proper diet and hydration, and the mobility and flexibility routines that we have built directly into this program we can take measures to not only prevent but totally eliminate soreness.

This program will be a perfect fit for anyone who wants to gain strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, stamina, confidence. Lose fat, insecurities, or increase muscle tone, size, and definition. 

One of the biggest success drivers behind this program are the multiple layers of accountability baked straight into this program! Our coaches and community will help motivate and keep you accountable to your goals.

Almost no part of BJJ is intuitive or natural in the beginning. So don’t be afraid of looking goofy while learning something new. We have all been there, there is no need to feel anxious. The other 11 people in class who have never tried jiu-jitsu before are feeling the exact same way.