Kolbe Opgig

Don’t Become Another Ugly Statistic

  • 70% of people hate their job.
  • 80% of workers feel stress on the job.
  • 70% of low performing employees are working against their instincts.
  • Just 8% of U.S. high school graduates complete curriculum that prepares them for the workplace.
  • College students change majors three times on average.


Ignoring conative capabilities, the instinctive pattern of your MO (modus operandi), is the #1 problem with most career advice.

We’ve got that covered


OPgigSM Program Works – for students, graduates and working adults

We assess your conative capabilities and interests. Then, we match them to careers. We have assessment tools that have been used by job holders and evaluators for over 30 years to identify the conative capabilities required to succeed in jobs.

This unique methodology can not be found in any other career program.

  • 94% of Users find OPgig program helpful/interesting.
  • 86% report OPgig program recommendations are on target.
  • 80% are exposed to new careers that interest them.

Created by Kathy Kolbe

OPgig was authored by the world’s leading authority on human instincts, Kathy Kolbe. She has personally rated every career in the database. The Conative Aptitude® Survey has been validated against the Kolbe A™ Index., which is proven to be valid and reliable.




OPgig Program: An Encyclopedia of Career Opportunities

Discover real-time, currently available job openings for each career in a 100 mile radius of your Zip Code. You can also select to see nationwide openings. Every one of the 1,200+ careers comes with a brief description.

We are constantly adding new options, including emerging careers. Every time you return, any new careers will be automatically updated into the recommendations for you.


Be Free to Be Yourself

  • Be valued for the way you contribute
  • Be rewarded for what you love doing
  • Be energized by working in your own way
  • Be able to avoid getting stuck in the wrong rut
  • Be able to work with less stress
  • Be aware of a multitude of options