Our First Anniversary

In case you missed our party last week, or maybe you're new around here and want to know where we have been and where we are going? Keep reading!


We celebrated our Grand Opening at E3 Sports Facility in May 2018. We quickly felt loved and  supported by the community. Our family was excited to provide hope and help to kids in need and give them opportunities to build resilience. 
My son Charlie took charge of running the jiu-jitsu programs, daily maintenance and operation of the gym. Both of my daughters also found their role within E3! Abby designed the Kids Fun & Fitness program and Claire remained the face of our anti-bullying work. My husband, Charles, worked hard to provide the funds to keep the lights on while I developed our social media presence and built our new website.

Noon classes started filling up and our kids program became popular! Yoga students flowed in and became a favorite with the senior crowd. Local news channels took notice of our mission to help youth who were struggling with bullying, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. We helped many families and teens with NOT ONLY youth jiu-jitsu scholarships, but also through personal caring and support.

Claire Tietgen - Teen Anti-Bully Advocate


Claire spoke at the Shawnee Mission School District Board Meeting to reiterate the need for the schools to back up the programs THEY put in place for tackling bullying. She also let them know about the Department of Justice Title IX inquiry into the school district.

Parents throughout the school district gathered at our sports facility to share personal stories of the district’s response to reports of bullying and sexual discrimination. Attorneys from the Department of Justice interviewed parents and students in order to present a list of things that help make Shawnee Mission schools a safer place.


In December, we welcomed Vinicius Gimenes, a 3rd degree black-belt jiu-jitsu instructor from Brazil. After his arrival he hand selected students from his academy in Brazil and brought them to Kansas City to help out with our classes at E3! Our gym and home was filled with top-level international jiu-jitsu competitors – they became family. 

As our jiu-jitsu community grew, authentic friendships began to blossom and our competition team began travelling across the country for IBJJF tournaments. Professor Vinicius’ return to Brazil came too quickly. To send him off we hosted a dedicated event for everyone being rewarded for their hard work. Their dedication was met with belt stripe advancements and promotions. Topping it all off was being named Best Overland Park Self Defense School of 2018

charlie evan grey belt promotion

What's the kolbe?

Our approach to helping those struggling with mental health issues is two-pronged. Our daughter Claire was so stressed out at school she considered walking out on a daily basis. When we identified her unique problem-solving capabilities with the help of the Kolbe Youth Assessment, changes were put into place at her school. Within a couple of weeks her frustration levels were down and her grades were up!  We made it our goal to offer the Kolbe Assessment to other children who struggled at school and home. We have been able to help several children and their families through the Kolbe Youth assessment. 

We are excited to announce...

the start of our next chapter… a campaign striving toward giving parents & their kids access to the Kolbe assessments. With our dedicated Kolbe Assessment Center we can comfortably and safely offer not only the assessments in-house, but also workshops and individualized services for each unique person we meet! Charles is on his way to becoming a certified consultant through Kolbe Corp – we will have an in-house, trained resource to walk each person through their Kolbe results & what all the fun colors mean.

July will be loaded with open info sessions devoted to diving into what on earth Kolbe is, what it can do for you and your family or giving YOU a good excuse to come visit us!


The growth continues…May of this year we added a Development Director to our team, Victoria Bostic. She will be working to launch our Kolbe campaign and increase exposure for other new programs at E3. If you are interested in becoming a sports program sponsor, advocate for building resilience in kids or just want to say hi – contact her at victoria@e3sf.org.

July will be loaded with open info sessions devoted to diving into what on earth Kolbe is, what it can do for you and your family or giving YOU a good excuse to come visit us!

We love our E3 Family 0 past, present and FUTURE!

2019 has many gifts to give us and our community in the next 6 months – we look forward to watching all of them unfold!

Building Resilience through
Sports & Education

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