Discover What's RIGHT About YOU!

Student Aptitude Assessment

Discover What's RIGHT about YOU!

Student Aptitude Assessment

What is the

Student AptItude ASsessment?

The Student Aptitude is a short questionnaire that calculates responses and reveals unique instincts that drive behavior. Instinct is deeper than knowledge or feelings, it is what makes you tick and what drives you to do things YOUR way. Why is this important to know? When you do things YOUR way, it eases the stress in your life, you get more done, and you are free to be yourself. It helps knowing you are perfect just the way you are. 

The Student Aptitude is for youth with 4th grade reading level to age 17 who want to reduce stress and do better in school. Parents can help improve communication and relationships, leadership skills, and how to problem-solve using their unique striving instincts.

Read about how the Student Aptitude took Claire’s grades from bad to great!

You Have a Gift

When you and your child put a name to their natural, innate instinct, there is a feeling
of relief and happiness. It gives them hope for finding their way in the world.

Family Workshops

It turns out, you can get a manual for your child! The Family Workshops give you tips and tricks to work more effectively with your child’s natural instincts. Do you have a child who is a procrastinator? Giving them mini-deadlines to help them reach their goals works perfect, because they work best under pressure. This is one of many ways of recognizing a child’s talents that may have been looked at as a fault.

Bottom line: the Kolbe Assessments measure instinctive talents. You are happier when you are doing things YOUR way. Your Kolbe Assessment gives you the ability to communicate the best way for YOU to creatively solve problems. 

The definition of success: the freedom to be yourself.

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Made with ❤ Denise Tietgen

© 2019 All rights reserved

Made with ❤ Denise Tietgen