The Effects of Bullying on 7 Mental Health Issues

There is a lot of pressure in school to get great grades to make your parents proud. In addition, there’s the influx of hormones, wanting to feel confident in your own body, and trying to fit in with everyone else. Bullying ruins any chance of that happening.

  • 1. Insecurity: Bullying tears down your self-esteem, leaving you feeling like you are worthless. Bullies are trying to make you feel as insecure as possible (because they are insecure).
  • 2. Self-Esteem: Bullying makes you nervous about everything you’re doing, feeling afraid you’re going to mess up. It doesn’t matter what you change or how hard you try, it makes you feel that nothing you do with ever be good enough, so you stop trying.
  • 3. Resentment: You look around and see other kids talking and laughing. Everyone is posting happy times on social media and you wish your life was like that.
  • 4. Anger: When others are constantly judging you and putting you down, it feels bad and makes you so angry. The littlest remark can trigger anger.You already feel stressed out, with them pushing your buttons, messing with you, annoying you, you get angry, freaked out, don’t know how to manage the negative emotions that are bombarding you. You just want the pain to stop.
  • 5. Anxiety: The continual pressure and instigating makes you annoyed and stressed out. The constant stress does horrible things to your health. Then your own brain starts bullying you. You start worrying about every little thing, and the thoughts spiral and swirl in your head and torment you.
  • 6. Depression: Bullying makes you sad. It’s hurtful. It makes you feel worthless. It’s a terrible downward spiral. When you feel worthless, it’s easy to believe the stuff they say every day.
  • 7. Thoughts of Suicide: Bullies say you are a burden, they say they wish you were gone, they would be better if you were dead. Bullies make you believe that you are the problem.

Talk to your children

Kids think they are old enough to handle these problems, but their ways of coping aren’t fixing anything. Kids are going to look for ways to feel better. Some kids try smoking or vaping. Others prefer alcohol or marijuana-laced gummies. Some kids think having sex will help. For too many, their choice is death.

Kids will do anything to not have to experience all of the bad feelings from being bullied. Talk to your children, they may not act like it, but they need your help in finding relief. Even if they’re not being physically abused, the damage is taking its toll on their hearts. Help them find an outlet, an escape, E3 Sports Facility has programs to help your child or teen develop resilience through sports and education. There is help and hope out there, you just have to find their thing.

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