There is a lot of pressure in school to get great grades to make your parents proud. In addition, there’s the influx of hormones, wanting to feel confident in your own body, and trying to fit in with everyone else. Bullying ruins any chance of that happening.

Talk to your children

Kids think they are old enough to handle these problems, but their ways of coping aren’t fixing anything. Kids are going to look for ways to feel better. Some kids try smoking or vaping. Others prefer alcohol or marijuana-laced gummies. Some kids think having sex will help. For too many, their choice is death.

Kids will do anything to not have to experience all of the bad feelings from being bullied. Talk to your children, they may not act like it, but they need your help in finding relief. Even if they’re not being physically abused, the damage is taking its toll on their hearts. Help them find an outlet, an escape, E3 Sports Facility has programs to help your child or teen develop resilience through sports and education. There is help and hope out there, you just have to find their thing.

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Practical Protection Against Bullying