The Kolbe Y™ Index

What in the world is CONATION? Experts have been researching and publishing reports about the mind for ages. Psychologists, therapists, and even teachers and school personnel have been dropping terms like “affective” and “cognitive” since your first parent/teacher conference. Here’s your chance to spring one on them. Conation is the action you take based on your instincts. Derived from the Latin word “conatus” which means any “natural tendency, impulse, or directed effort”. 

Simply put, it’s not the thinking (cognitive) or feeling (affective) part of the mind. The conative part of the mind contains the instincts that drive behavior. Everyone has a set of strengths and talents that are perfectly suited for problem-solving. Discovering your child’s unique M.O. (modus operandi) will help them create their own solutions using their natural way of doing things. This gives them more confidence and helps them be more productive, relaxed, and stress-free. 

The Kolbe Y Index identifies the WAY you take action. 

Contact today to find out more about unlocking your child’s potential with the Kolbe Y.

“Does your child need more repetition, less structure, more opportunities to experiment? Do they need to work with tools, or will they cut their finger if you hand them a saw? If you know what will or won’t work for them, you don’t need to put them through so much stress, you can give them different opportunities. Kids will find their own way of learning if you give them a chance.”

Kathy Kolbe

Founder, kolbe corp

dISCOVER Instincts


Your child is perfectly capable of problem solving in their own unique way. Help them alleviate stress by discovering the natural strengths they were born with and how they can use their strengths to be more successful in school and transform the way your family functions. Sign up for the Kolbe Y Assessment, Parent Guide, and Workshops at E3 today. 

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