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Scholarships are intended for individuals and families that don’t have the financial resources. You can give back to E3 in many ways: volunteer, help us spread the word, or pay what you can when you can. Some families financial situations improve and are able to become paying members, allowing us to help even more families. The most important thing is showing up!

Building Resilience


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is good for body and soul. We’ve created a place for youth to feel welcome, learn new skills, and make new friends. Build strength, raise self-esteem, develop resiliency, learn to be confidant, self-advocate, and protect self and others!


Children struggle at school. We empower these children, their parents, and their teachers by identifying their striving instincts. We encourage them by celebrating their natural gifts and abilities, and validating their instinctive strengths.


"What happens to us becomes a part of us. Resilient people do not bounce back from hard experiences; they find healthy ways to integrate them into their lives.

Quote from: resilience: hard won wisdom for living a better life



Please come in and start your classes while you are waiting to hear back about your scholarship application. Click the link below!

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